Thursday, January 28, 2010

Starting Out...

Since this is my first blog on this website, well technically it isn't but I am starting fresh. I want to start off with some general information about me and my wonderful family.
My name is Rebecca Nash I am 22 years old, my birthday is August 20Th. I am the youngest out of three children, my brother David is the oldest he will be 27 next month and is dating a wonderful lady named Renee, my sister Amanda is the middle child she is 24 she is married and her husbands name is Jacob. Amanda and Jacob had their first child April 6, 2009 and now they are expecting their second child in August or September. My parents met when my dad was in the Marine's, they married when my mother was 17 and my dad was 22 it was love at first sight. After my parents married my mother stayed here in the states while my father went all over the world. When my parents finally decided to travel together while my father was in the Marine's their first assignment was in 29 Palms California, that is where my brother was born. After that assignment they packed up and went from one side of the country to the other moving to Cherry Point North Carolina, there my sister was born. When my sister was 8 months old they decided to settle down and raise their family, they packed up and moved here to Utica, Kentucky. Roughly around two years later my parents found out they were carrying another child, me.

That is where my story begins...

I grew up in a small neighborhood where everyone knew everyone and gossip ran wild, I had friends, I had family, and I had the best life a girl could ask for. I went to Wayland Alexander Elementary School, then on to Ohio County Middle School, and then lastly Ohio County High School where I graduated at the age of 17. Like most people, I changed friends gained some new ones and lost some old ones.

At the age of 17 I started working, my first job would be at Shogun of Japan, a Japanese restaurant I would be one of the hostess and help the cooks and the servers and even cashing out customers. The restaurant was new to town and had not yet opened. I was lucky enough to work with my cousin Jeri Anne, we both shared the same duties at work. I didn't stay there long, a couple of months I had some trouble with some of my co workers and felt uncomfortable even being there. After I left Shogun, I got another job at Factory Card and Party Outlet being a cashier, making balloon bouquets, and general issues. I wanted to go to college and the college I wanted to attend was Murray State University but unfortunately after I already put in my two weeks and quit my mother had to have back surgery so my idea of joining MSU was out the window. After trying for many months on getting a job I heard about Superior Systems, not sure exactly what this company did or made I decided to take the chance and apply. I was asked to go down and do a week long training, after the training we were asked to go and sell vacuums that are very expensive and if they buy the vacuum they get entered into win a prize such as a cruise, cash money and other things, selling was not my forte so I decided I would try something else within the company. Telemarketing I didn't think bad of it when I first started, I got my own desk that I could decorate any way, my own phone and everything, I felt like a business woman and was ready to start work. Finding out in a few short ours they asked us to read this speech to everyone on the call list, thinking the company was legit I agreed, after getting hung up on, people ignoring your calls, and people calling you foul names I decided this wasn't for me. Later finding out after I quit the company filed bankruptcy and was dubbed and illegitimate business, they were lying to their "customers." From there and many many months later I applied for Hallmark which is located in our mall, It seemed to be the perfect job and it was, I had my own key to the door, I knew all the things managers did and did the things they did I wanted a promotion and I also wanted a raise but they both were out of the question. I decided to apply for another position in the same mall at the Piercing Pagoda, where I would sell jewelry, pierce ears and be a notary. I worked the two jobs for a couple months until I was told about a job at a store that was opening up soon I decided to apply online and I got a call back and was asked to come in for an interview, in between shifts at Hallmark and Piercing Pagoda I went down for my interview. I was hired on, what a relief but I had to start that following Sunday, I couldn't work a full time job and two part time jobs at the same time, so I made the dreadful decision on calling and quitting without a two weeks notice to both Hallmark and the Piercing Pagoda. I am still currently at CVS Pharmacy as the Photo Lab Supervisor but I am now on medical leave due to an accident I had in January of 2009.

Well I believe this is a good first start to my future blogging. As I will write more later I hope you y'all can follow my blog and my journey through life.

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