Sunday, January 31, 2010

The day my life changed...

As some may think one thing can't possibly change your life forever. boy are they and I wrong. You can't imagine how much my life has changed because of one thing.

This is the one thing that changed my life, a wreck to be more exact a head on car crash at an estimated collision speed of 93 mph. This has changed my life forever! Some people asked if I had to do this over would I change the whole thing, I don't know if I would change it. It has brought me closer to God and my faith, it has brought me closer to my family.

If it wasn't for my mom, I have no idea what condition I would be in today. She was and still is my rock, she was there when some people weren't although I have forgiven those people it is still hard to forget. She stood by me through the whole idea, went without sleep, without her medication, without food and still was strong enough for the both of us.

What I thought was quite hilarious was the fact that she gave me my "fru fru" treatments, cleaning my wounds, rubbing me down with lotion, cleaning my face, picking glass out of my hair, brushing my teeth as best she could, and everyones favorite using her favorite perfume on me so I would smell good all the time.

Anytime I needed my mom she was there, and just by her holding my hand I felt safe, I felt like nothing could go wrong with my mom by my side. I am glad that I can call her my mother, the giver of my life. I was created by God, but produced by man. I thank God everyday for giving me a second chance at life. Dying four times by the age of twenty two is something I can say proudly. I am a survivor. I survived 1-25-09.

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