Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I feel like I have been replaced... I don't have many friends.. and the list keeps getting smaller and smaller. I don't know what to do.

On a different note, I read where it says don't talk about your wedding too much with people because they will get sick of hearing about it. I understand that It's still a year away and people don't want to listen to it that long but I just can't help it. I am marrying the man of my dreams and I am so happy I can't help it. So luckily I have this blog, to rant, to spill my guts to and not have to annoy too many people with my wedding rants.

I have so many ideas in my head that I hope I don't forget them. I don't wanna give anything away I want it to be a surprise to our guests. So I'm going to follow the advice I gave my cousin and get a binder and loose leaf paper so I can write down my ideas and guests and where to get stuff or how to make it... just like a wedding planner. So I keep going over in my head the stuff I wanna do so my non short term memory won't take them away from me.

Anyway I'm signing off.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

My soldier proposed

My last blog was a poem in regards to a soldier I fell for. Well we worked things out and I am happy to announce we are getting married! October 24 2015 is the day, I am so excited to be a soldiers wife!

So my next blogs are all about weddings and my crazy hectic life.

He proposed July 15 2014, we went on vacation with some of his family, the day he proposed all of us played card games and my boyfriend got me out of the game, after the game was over we decided to get in the hot tub and shortly after getting in, he pulled the ring out and asked if I would marry him. I of course said Yes!!! 
His sister and brother were sneaking pictures while he was popping the question.

Thanks for reading!
The future Mrs Soldier

Friday, May 2, 2014

I fell in love with a soldier

I fell in love with a solider
Who already served us Well
In my heart I knew
That What we had prevailed
In one day I found you
The blue eyed man
Stole my heart
From the very start
I can't help but to feel at loss
When I know we didn't last
We were brief but we were sure
Love had found us there
Now that time has passed
I know with all my heart
No matter What we do or say
Love is always there
I miss the man I fell for
The man who knew me well
I fell in love with a soldier

Just stuff on my mind. Thanks for reading.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Angels on Earth

Some people know already about my accident in 2009, where I barely survived by God and Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, EMTs, Lifeflight, Prayers, Believers, etc....

I'm seeing so many lives lost from negligence, accidents, not paying attention you name it....
I am pleading SOMEONE, ANYONE pass along the message... you may be safe on the road or out with friends but the other people sharing the road may not be safe. Everyday you wake up there is a chance that's the last time you wake up beside the one you Love.

Be cautions on the roads, look both ways, watch out for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. One wrong action can change someone's life, their families life and their friends lives.

Don't text while driving, it can wait or pull over.

Be cautious of other drivers by not only watching the roads but on coming vehicles.

Choose your actions because it may be the last ones you have.

Have faith in everything you do, believe miracles happen and sometimes people are used as examples so other people can learn.

Too many young people are dying, too many friends and family crying.

God has a plan for everything, but sometimes the Devil steps in and chooses a different path for you, God uses those as lessons for others.

I have said since my wreck "The devil brought me to it, but God brought me through it. "

I hope this helps someone save a life. Pass along the message. I don't want anyone having to go through What I went through.

Love to all.

Friday, April 11, 2014

It's Been A While

Oh my how things have changed, how I haven't updated here or wrote anything. I get the urge to write and then something comes up or I loose the will to write. Here lately life has been plaguing me, well not so much life but my mind. Hopefully I can see a doctor soon. Enough of that I have stuff to share.

I am proud to announce that I am a Daymar College Graduate! I earned my Associates in Science degree, specializing in Business Management. I walked the line August 10, 2013 and finished my last classes and internship September 10, 2013. What a wonderful, stressful, time consuming opportunity it was to advance in life and complete an item on my bucket list. The day was wonderful.

First and foremost Thank you God for giving me my second chance at life to go to college and better myself and others around me. You are truly an amazing and merciful God.

Special Thanks to the staff at school  that encouraged me, listened to me, picked me up when I was down, and shared in my happiness.

Special Thanks to my family and friends who listened to me complain about homework or how I wasn't understanding or how I would act like a two year old whining that I didn't want to go to school that day. Thanks for pushing me to the finish line, for understanding when I couldn't talk or hangout because I had homework and a special Thanks for all you dealt with during the two and a half years. I can never Thank you enough.

Last but not least Thank you to my internship site, the Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club: Mike Horn Unit  for giving me the opportunity  to work with you and share in your busy days. Without your help I would have never got my hours needed to graduate. Thanks for your hospitality, dedication, and sharing in my excitement of completion of college and my hours.

I'll end here and try to attach photos of graduation, I'm writing this from my phone and this is my first time so I'll try and figure it out.

Love and Thanks to All;

Beginning Mother

Motherhood... Oh where do I begin.

Ever since I was little I have wanted to adopt, to give a child a better life than What they had, to give them shelter, to give them Love. Teach them a few things and Maybe have them teach me something too.

I was told when I was 14 that due to a condition I have (cyst covering both ovaries and then cyst covering those) that getting pregnant would be slim to none. I still haven't fully believed What the doctor said because I believe God controls those gifts that he gives to people.

My dad and uncle and their two sisters were
Placed up for adoption. When I found out as a child that my pops was adopted I vowed I would adopt a child.

I figured I would adopt instead of doing fertility treatments, or implantation because let's face it, I don't have the resources to do so but I figured there was a child already in the world who is waiting for me to come into their life, a child who would Love me and I Love them.

I didn't realize at What age I would receive the gift of a child, I estimated in my mind thirties... I was definitely off.

At the age of 26, this beautiful little angel would come and implant themselves inside my heart forever.
She is a joy to all those she meets, a sweet laugh that will silence a room and be so contagious, the best little kisses and hugs.

Kyra is such a blessing to me, she taught me a mother's Love, she taught me a whole new way of living, she taught me I could half way function on little sleep and taught me I could make a bottle in the middle of the night, in the dark.

Everything I do is for her, everything I want to accomplish is coming true because of her.
She is my reason for living, my reason I was saved in my car wreck.

She is forever my little girl and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Thank you Kyra for being the beautiful, unique, sweet and caring child that you are. I Love you more than the stars in the sky.

Love always
Your forever Mommy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CD Case Tutorial!

How To Make A CD Case- Step by Step:
1.) You will need ribbon

2.) A CD/DVD

3.) 12x12 Scrapbook Paper of Your Choice (thin sheet)

4.) Glue

Step 1: Turn the scrapbook paper over to where the blank side shows
Step 2: Place your CD/DVD in the middle of the paper

Step 3: Hold your CD/DVD in place, fold over one side of your paper

Step 4: Fold over the other side of the paper (line up edges of top and bottom to make sure its even)

Step 5: With the CD/DVD still inside, fold over one edge or bottom of your paper where it's flush with the CD/DVD

Step 6: Repeat step 5 with the other edge of your paper
Step 7: Remove the cd from the paper and set it aside

Step 8: Place glue onto the exposed edge *showed in step 7* and fold over the other edge and press down on the glued section

Step 9: Flip over the paper to show the back side of of the CD/DVD case. Even out the ribbon to where there is equal amount of ribbon on both sides. (glue down the ribbon on just the back of the CD/DVD case)

Step 10: Flip over and open the CD/DVD case glue down the inside of the flap to the inside section. *leaving an opening for the CD/DVD case to be inserted showing the white section*

Step 11: Place the CD inside the case *you can attach a business card by glue or tape on any area of the CD/DVD case*

Step 12: Close the CD/DVD case and tie the ribbon

Congrats you just made your very own beautiful cd/dvd case!