Monday, February 15, 2010


I got my baby Max in May of 2009 for an early halo removal gift, a new step in life. He will be a year old in May oh my how time has flied. It seems like just yesturday when I would hold him like this. On his back in my arms like a real baby. He even slept on his back in bed with me, although he snores I loved him all the same.
My nephew Lucas was born in April of 2009 so my sister had her baby and I had my 'baby' but the funny thing is, Max thought this was his bouncy seat. He would crawl in it when Lucas wasn't in it, curl up in a ball and sleep for hours until we made him get out. Then Max got to the point he wanted in it when Lucas was in it. What a bad habbit to break! Weew it was some work. The only reason he doesn't get in it now is because he is too big.

Max gets time out's like any other naughty boy, we would tell him "Max, box" and he would look at us like we just took his favorite rope away. But what kind of punishment is this?? Sleeping peacefully?!? He is so silly. =D

Max eventually got bigger ::sniffle sniffle:: and stopped sleeping on his back, so he started sleeping on his side. When I would leave my blanket on the couch he would crawl under it and snuggle up and sleep. How cute!

Since Max knows Momma is a photographer and knows she loves snapping pictures, he likes to pose for me. If your wondering he is a boxer/beagle mix. I have a picture somewhere on my mess of a harddrive ::blushes:: where he is winking at the camera. What a stud!

Although I love my Maxie, I do have homework I have to complete, and on time so at the times he wants me to pet him and play with him is usally when I am up to my eye balls in something else. So one day he decided to protest and lay his head on my computer until I pet him and loved on him. He is extremely spoiled. Can you tell?

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