Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just thinking...

Before the wreck I was "dating" a guy, for six months. I really cared about him wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. His little girl was adorable, I loved spending time with her even though it wasn't often. I thought he felt the same way towards me and was just scared to admit his feelings, but in the back of my mind I knew he was still in love with his ex wife.

Even though I had strong feelings for him, I had a friend a close friend who was a guy. I would say he was my Dr Phil and he would say I was his Oprah... we talked about anything and everything, about my relationship about his kids and his ex wife, about work, home life and we would chat for hours either on the phone or through text messages.

When I got into the wreck, I lost both of them. The guy I was "dating" went back to his ex, was together raising their kid and welcoming a newborn into the mix of things. My "Dr. Phil" came to the hospital every day sometimes twice a day even though I couldn't talk, was in a coma he still came... then his visit's started to trinkle off from every day to every other day for thirty mins or so.  The day I came home is the day he said he couldn't be my friend anymore. I broke down... after everything he said and did it was a waste of my time and his energy.
I miss his talks and his laugh... I miss it all.

Maybe it was best that my wreck happened, it showed me who my true friends are... Those who pretend and those who are true.
My uncle has a saying.. "There are friends for a season, friends for a reason, and friends for life." who are you?

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