Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CD Case Tutorial!

How To Make A CD Case- Step by Step:
1.) You will need ribbon

2.) A CD/DVD

3.) 12x12 Scrapbook Paper of Your Choice (thin sheet)

4.) Glue

Step 1: Turn the scrapbook paper over to where the blank side shows
Step 2: Place your CD/DVD in the middle of the paper

Step 3: Hold your CD/DVD in place, fold over one side of your paper

Step 4: Fold over the other side of the paper (line up edges of top and bottom to make sure its even)

Step 5: With the CD/DVD still inside, fold over one edge or bottom of your paper where it's flush with the CD/DVD

Step 6: Repeat step 5 with the other edge of your paper
Step 7: Remove the cd from the paper and set it aside

Step 8: Place glue onto the exposed edge *showed in step 7* and fold over the other edge and press down on the glued section

Step 9: Flip over the paper to show the back side of of the CD/DVD case. Even out the ribbon to where there is equal amount of ribbon on both sides. (glue down the ribbon on just the back of the CD/DVD case)

Step 10: Flip over and open the CD/DVD case glue down the inside of the flap to the inside section. *leaving an opening for the CD/DVD case to be inserted showing the white section*

Step 11: Place the CD inside the case *you can attach a business card by glue or tape on any area of the CD/DVD case*

Step 12: Close the CD/DVD case and tie the ribbon

Congrats you just made your very own beautiful cd/dvd case!

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