Monday, April 21, 2014

Angels on Earth

Some people know already about my accident in 2009, where I barely survived by God and Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, EMTs, Lifeflight, Prayers, Believers, etc....

I'm seeing so many lives lost from negligence, accidents, not paying attention you name it....
I am pleading SOMEONE, ANYONE pass along the message... you may be safe on the road or out with friends but the other people sharing the road may not be safe. Everyday you wake up there is a chance that's the last time you wake up beside the one you Love.

Be cautions on the roads, look both ways, watch out for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. One wrong action can change someone's life, their families life and their friends lives.

Don't text while driving, it can wait or pull over.

Be cautious of other drivers by not only watching the roads but on coming vehicles.

Choose your actions because it may be the last ones you have.

Have faith in everything you do, believe miracles happen and sometimes people are used as examples so other people can learn.

Too many young people are dying, too many friends and family crying.

God has a plan for everything, but sometimes the Devil steps in and chooses a different path for you, God uses those as lessons for others.

I have said since my wreck "The devil brought me to it, but God brought me through it. "

I hope this helps someone save a life. Pass along the message. I don't want anyone having to go through What I went through.

Love to all.


  1. becca you are such an inspiration i love u !!!!!

  2. Rebecca, you have truly been an inspiration to us all. I have loved your positive attitude and your faith through all your pain and recovery from your near death experience. You have been touched by an angel and are now doing God's work on earth.Love you so